Dawna Cappello, C.D.S.

I spent almost a decade taking care of my father-in-law who was suffering from multiple causes of dementia. I understand the depth of the drama and I don’t want anybody to go through what we went through. MISFIRE is my way of ensuring nobody has to.

I have degrees in business and psychology. I even worked as a crisis counselor, a recreational therapist and a cognitive trainer for an Alzheimer’s Resource Center, but I wasn’t prepared for what happened when dementia hit my family. Which is why I also became credentialed as a dementia specialist, and why this book came about. I want you to know, you have choices.

Susan Heller – Writer | Producer | Director

At nine years old I was dissecting shark eyeballs that I kept in an olive jar in the refrigerator. How do you top that? My answer was to parlay my ability to turn things sideways or inside out for a unique view. I became a highly visual writer, producer, and director.

In addition to authoring books and articles, I create videos, multi-media presentations, advertising, and marketing materials.

Dawna Cappello is someone I know professionally and personally. As soon as I read her journal, I knew I wanted to help create a compelling and succinct narrative that could preclude the suffering of others.